About me

Hi, I am Alana The Homegrown Celebrant based in Gippsland, Victoria.

Becoming a marriage celebrant was always one of those bucket list things I always talked about doing but normal everyday life and career would get in the way and it was something that was always put on the back-burner.

When I was on maternity leave with my son I had one of those light bulb moments of ‘I want to do something meaningful and creative in life’ so 8 week old baby in tow I took the leap and started studying to become a marriage celebrant (insert classic ‘and I haven’t looked back since’ sentence’.)

A little bit about me...

I love to travel having backpacked overseas for a huge chunk of my 20’s
I am obsessed with CrossFit
I enjoy a good overnight hike or camping weekend away
I am a lactose intolerant who can’t say no to cheese platter
I walked down the aisle in 2018 to ‘Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd’
I love all things weddings and events having studying event management at university so I could sit and talk all things weddings for hours
I fall into the category of ‘Tears up every time a bride walks down the aisle’

Why The Homegrown Celebrant?

A Couple of reasons actually!

I grew up in Gippsland and whilst I have left and come back many times, I just keep coming back to Gippsland … because well its beautiful and I love it, the beach and the mountains what more could anyone want. And whilst I will travel anywhere for a wedding, I am a big believer in promoting and supporting our local Gippsland region as a wedding destination.

I am natural down to earth person.

I love all things green and outdoors. I really enjoy meeting new people with a smile and being really welcoming to everyone and new experiences.

Homegrown seemed the right fit to sum up all of the above and so The Homegrown Celebrant was born.

I have a really approachable, friendly and down to earth presence and aim to create a fun, relaxed and friendly approach to your ceremonies, bringing that touch of fun back to wedding ceremonies so it’s the part you remember and cherish not the part you just wanted to get over with. 

I will work really closely with you to help create the perfect tailored ceremony for you, making your special day a ceremony you or your guests will never forget. 

I am always up for a chat so please feel free to reach out to me and don’t stress if you don’t have a date yet or any wedding details that’s not a problem, I can even help brainstorm some ideas with you. 

I look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your special day!

Alana xo

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